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Gender Affirming Clothing/Exchange Closet
Computer Space

In addition to our drop-in hours, Helen House provides monthly meeting space for families and significant adults in the lives of LGBTQ+ children, youth, and young adults as well as a bi-weekly support group setting for Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming individuals.


Sharing Hope Inspiration & Fears in Transition

Parent Support Group

Are you a parent or guardian, or prominent adult in the life of a youth or young adult who has:

1) Expressed thought or comments around questioning their gender identity or sexual orientation?

2) Begun the process of socially transitioning their gender identity or exploring their sexual orientation?


Helen House is offering LMHC facilitated space for parents, guardians and other significant adults of youth and young adults who identify anywhere on the LGBTQ+ spectrum to connect with others in a similar situation. this is a space to discuss experiences and hear personal stories from peers. 

Some may be new to this conversation and some may be more familiar with the challenges and successes, but all are welcome!

If you are looking for support or to make connections with other parents and guardians, please contact 509-968-5064 to enroll.  (You must call before attending.)

Gender Journeys

Adult Transgender / Gender Nonbinary Support Group, open to anyone community wide who is 18 and older and identifies as Trans or GNB.

Meets every other Wednesday, 6:30 to 8:00pm​

Peer interactions, support, shared resources, safe accepting space, and social opportunities.​

Call 509-968-5064 for information.​ (You must call before attending.)

Arts & Creativity
Peer Gathering & Support
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