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"Helen House is a really revitalizing place for me. I'm always stressed and Helen House is a nice place to come to at the end of the day. The volunteers are super nice and the space is inviting." 

"I love Helen House because I can be me and I have made so many friends here." 

"Helen House is a place where I can be 100% me. While at home I can't. I'm loved at Helen House."

"Helen House is a place where I can feel happy and safe."

" I can freely be myself at Helen House and not worry about what anyone will think."

"I love Helen House because I feel like I can be myself.

"Helen House has helped me a lot in my time going here and I am so grateful for this wonderful community we have here."

"Helen House is a safe place that I honestly love, I haven't been here long but it's already like my second home."

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